Sick of being compared

When I was younger my first teachers made sure that their students never felt compared and they were really skilled at that. They taught me that I should respect anyone with different beliefs and talents. My parents were also people who taught me to respect other people from a really young age and I am […]

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Growing up and being present

A person I keep really close to my heart and who has always been giving me the best advice since like ever … told me a couple of days ago to start concentrating on the positive in my life. Of course, you have to spend some time on the negative so you can deal with […]

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Getting over the past

The past haunts many of us even if we weren’t the ones to blame for all the drama and the difficulties that came with it. Sometimes you want some relationships and friendships to work out so bad either because you really like those people or you feel that there is no other choice. For example, […]

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